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Runescape The Mighty Fall

Bandos is dead, but his faithful are still itching for fight in The Mighty Fall: RuneScape's latest Master-level quest.Survive the brutal Kyzaj Tournament, save the Dorgeshuun from certain doom, and give the lost followers of Bandos a renewed sense of purpose.

First Blood

General Graardor and a band of his followers have come for the cave goblins of Dorgesh-Kaan, blaming them and Zanik for their god's demise. With such a threat battering at the gates, Ur-tag - head of the Dorgeshuun - is calling for your help.You'll travel to Yu'biusk and represent the Dorgeshuun in the sacred Kyzaj Tournament: a battle to determine the new leader of Bandos's forces.

Master an ancient weapon and crush all who oppose you, deciding who lives and who dies. The fates of those involved - goblin, ork, ogre, ourg and troll alike - are in your hands, including a certain goblin game-show host.There are suitably mighty rewards on offer, should you prevail:

You'll get to keep the level 70 two-handed crushing weapon from the tournament, which can be upgraded to level 75 with a Bandos hilt. You'll also be able to display it as a cosmetic override.

There's a big book of Bandosian lore, which can be filled out by collecting chronicles on Yu'biusk after the quests.

There's also a title, improved drops from Bork, the option to switch the Trollheim Teleport spell's destination to the God Wars Dungeon entrance, and a big chunk of XP to beef up your combat stats.


In the Kyzaj Tournament, even the mightiest can fall - be sure it's you doing the felling!

How to start The Mighty Fall:

Speak to Ur-tag in Dorgesh-Kaan.


You must be a RuneScape member

79 Attack

79 Strength

78 Constitution

72 Defence

69 Slayer

The Chosen Commander

Missing, Presumed Death

My Arm's Big Adventure

You must have defeated Bork

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