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Runescape Prifddinas - Lost City of the Elves

Prifddinas is here, in the biggest RuneScape update of the year: Lost City of the Elves.This sprawling crystalline metropolis has grown from the seed of your first Player Power vote, back in January.Now, ten years after it first featured on Gielinor's map, the crystal city is yours to explore.

Getting Started

To enter the city, you'll need to have completed Plague's End. You'll also need to be a RuneScape member.When you're ready, head to gates of Prifddinas, north of Lletya. Click on the guards, and - as long as you meet the rs equirements - they'll let you pass.Head up the ramp to the city's entrance and you'll meet Arianwyn, who'll give you a quick tour of the city.

Tower of Voices

Head straight on from the entrance and you'll soon reach the tower. Make yourself at home - this is the city's central hub, and you'll be returning here often.

In the tower, you can do all of the following:

  • Activate the Prifddinas lodestone.
  • Access the Grand Exchange.
  • Access the Bank.
  • Find the Challenge Mistress.
  • Train Firemaking at the bonfire.
  • Activate and add pieces to the golden Shattered Heart statue.
  • Travel to your clan citadel, port and house, or to Daemonheim, via four portals.
  • Access Seren's memories by using found crystals in the Memoriam Chamber, upstairs.
  • Grow crystal equipment by speaking to Eluned.
  • Retrieve lost rs 2007 items from Ianto - Diango's elven counterpart.
  • Access the Loyalty Store by speaking to Dilwyn.

What Else Can I Do?

With this update comes half of the outer circle that makes up the city, comprising four sectors: one for each of the families. Each sector is packed with ways to train its clan's skills.

Voice of Seren

Each hour, one of the clans will be blessed by the Voice of Seren, giving an XP boost to training in their skills, within their sector.

This also gives increased yields from many of their training methods.

The blessed clan will be announced city-wide, each time it changes, via a chat box message. There's also a symbol at the top of the game screen.

Elven Clans of Prifddinas

Read on for highlights of each sector, or check the wiki for full details of Prifddinas's features.

Clan Iorwerth - Melee and Slayer

  • Morvran is a steely-eyed slayer master who requires at least 85 Slayer and 120 Combat.
  • Hall of Fame: this is Movran's special assignment, sometimes offered while completing assignments for him. Kill ten bosses in a row, with debuffing crystals making each fight harder than the last.
  • Rush of Blood: a weekly D&D in which you must survive for ten minutes, defeating as many waves of monsters as possible. There are four difficulty levels, with increasing entry requirements.
  • Preferred assignments and assignment extension are both newly available from the Slayer Points Store.
  • Crystal chest: just like the existing one, but with a new and improved drop table.
  • An altar that allows prayer/curse switching, and imparts a combat buff.

Clan Trahaearn - Mining and Smithing

  • Seren Stones are like ivy for miners. From level 89 Mining, you'll be able to chip away at them indefinitely for excellent XP rates.
  • Corrupted ore: While mining the stones, there's a chance each swing to collect a piece of this stackable substance. It can be smelted in a furnace, giving a helping of Smithing XP.
  • Gemstone rocks: with superior drop tables and drop rates.

Clan Cadarn - Ranged, Magic & Max Guild

  • Max Guild Garden: accessible with at least one 99.
  • Two skilling portals: found within the garden, these can be attuned to a selection of high-level skilling locations - one at your first 99, the other at 15 99s.
  • Max Guild Tower: accessible once you're eligible for the max cape.
  • PvM portal: within the tower which can be attuned to one of many high-level combat destinations.
  • Throne of Fame: sit here once you're eligible to wear the completionist cape and enjoy an appropriately lofty vantage.

Clan Crwys - Farming and Woodcutting

  • Elder tree patch: usable at 90 Farming.
  • Spirit tree: if you can access two spirit trees already, speak to Glouron to unlock this third one.

City-Wide Activities

  • Combat: train by fighting the elven warriors found around the city.
  • Pickpocketing: from level 91 and up, Prifddinian elves can be pickpocketed continuously with one click. Once you're noticed, you'll become unable to pickpocket that elf, and after three strikes, you'll be unable to pickpocket any elves of that clan for 20 minutes.
  • Crystal Implings: these rare critters occasionally appear in sectors where the Voice of Seren is active, and in Puro Puro. They require 95 Hunter to catch, and can yield valuable items: crystal tree seeds, triskelion parts, and more.
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