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Runescape Lumbridge Castle To Farming

Going straight the point, I recently had an epiphany of what to do with the crater sitting behind Lumbridge Castle; turn it into a world farming event in a similar manner to the Lumbridge Rebuildathon.


Let's be honest here, the only thing the actual crater itself is used for right now is for recovering Dragon Sara/Zammy tokens from WE1 and, from what I'm aware, serves no other purpose. It would make sense to turn it from a wasteland into useful area in relation to a couple of skills, e.g. farming / woodcutting. To broaden upon what I'm implying here, why not have the event as follow progress as follows. In a brief and rough outline:

Phase 1: RS Players can collect, and use, a limited amount of soil / turfing a day/week to re-soil and relay the ground within Lumbridge Crater.

Phase 2: RS Players now have the ability to plant trees, flowers, or crops progressively and collectively over the newly laid turf (designated by player vote perhaps, (e.g, Cabbage vs Banana plantation))

Phase 3 (Really rough idea): Players can help construct voted buildings, and/or allotments, that will remain permanently to assist with the farming skill such as a tool shed that serves some useful purpose such as a bank, or a tool supply, with the farming plots nearby. 

In addition to this, I feel woodcutting could be benefited greatly also by the addition of trees mention in "Phase 2" and perhaps a monument could be erected in the centre of the crater where the "Guthix Hole" is that is either a crystal tree, or a monument that restores prayer and maybe gives a slight prayer bonus every day.


In relation to rewards, I feel the introduction of a farming area with added benefits, along with woodcutting ones, is enough of a reward on it's own. However, perhaps players could receive cosmetic gear, titles, and maybe even cabbage / monkey god warpriest gear as that event is within the vicinity (perhaps OTT though).

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