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Runescape Legacy Beta FAQ

Which combat mode will get the best XP per hour?

We’re balancing all of the combat modes - both Legacy and EoC modes - to be more effective the more input and skill you have. 

An experienced player who uses abilities effectively in Full Manual will get the best damage rates, and therefore best XP per hour. 

We’ve balanced Legacy to be similar to Revolution, but we still anticipate that skilled players actively using Revolution with smart use of threshold and ultimate abilities will have the edge on Legacy Mode. 

We want Legacy Mode to be a choice in your play style, not another method of skill training. That said, we’re confident we’ve found the sweet spot where Legacy rates are good and feel competitive, but don’t outstrip those players who have mastered manual EoC.

Can players in Legacy Mode fight those in EoC?

Yes, but we don’t realistically expect cross-mode combat to be a major part of the game. They have fundamental differences – primarily EoC’s access to a big range of combat abilities – and we are not aiming to balance this out entirely. 

We anticipate that Legacy Mode will be popular for PKing, which is why we’re introducing a few Legacy-only game worlds. That way, we can provide a level PvP playing field for those of you who prefer Legacy.

I want all of the old combat animations!

We have brought back a few iconic weapon animations, which should help make Legacy PKing feel more authentic, but it is not feasible for us to make wholesale changes to combat animations. 

We have changed our player-character models and rigs, and re-creating a large suite of old animations and re-coding it to work in parallel is a massive task. 

This is something we will look in to long-term, but it is not something we can ship with Legacy Mode this summer.

I want 100% protection prayers in Legacy!

Sorry, but this isn’t a change we’re going to make. We definitely think the game is better without persistent 100% protection prayers, which effectively overrode other key combat mechanics. 

Are you allowing pures to roll back stats?

Yes, we’re currently investigating a very limited set of rollback packages. This will not be a rollback free-for-all however! We’re looking at allowing skill pures to reset their Constitution and Prayer, and defense pures to roll back their Defence. 

These will be controlled rollbacks, only available in certain conditions. We have more investigation to do, but we hope to have something available shortly after Legacy Mode launches. 

How does Legacy Mode affect EoC?

Our aim is for Legacy Mode to have as little impact on EoC gameplay as possible. EoC is still the “main combat system” and we aren’t going to jeopardise it. Almost all of the global combat changes are things we feel are improvements to EoC - especially around PvP - and are needed in any case. 

Overall, we think Legacy Mode will significantly improve the health of the game, because players who didn’t get on with EoC now don’t have to avoid combat, and players who left because of EoC now have a way of playing comfortably again. 

The more players we have, and the more players happy with the content, the better it is for RuneScape in the long term. 

Are you adapting “EoC bosses” for Legacy players?

No, these are newer pieces of content designed specifically for the EoC system, and we intend to continue building content around the new combat system. 

However, we are considering how we can provide Legacy players with the tools to participate in higher-end PvM, such as by adding the Provoke function to level 80+ shields. 

Legacy Mode players can try out EoC bosses, but it will probably be a tougher challenge for them! 

What does Legacy Mode mean for Old School RuneScape?

We don’t think it will have a significant impact, especially in the long term. Old School players have invested a lot of time in their progress, they have their own community with a distinct identity, and the game is being driven in its own direction by the players. 

Old School RuneScape is a healthy and vibrant community. We’ve grown the Old School team here at Jagex to reflect that, and we are committed to supporting Old School in the long term. 

Can I use the old interfaces but with EoC?

Not for the moment, but it is something we'll look in to post launch - it's a surprising amount of additional work and testing! 

When will Legacy Mode be released in to the main game?

At some point following the Legacy Mode beta launch, we will have a poll to determine whether you want Legacy to the added in to the main game. We will judge when the poll should be, based on your initial feedback. 

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