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Runescape Ironman Challenge

At Jagex HQ we’ve watched the Ironman Challenge explode in popularity and have really enjoyed seeing players take on the challenge in youtube videos and livestreams!

If this is new to you, the Ironman Challenge is a community-craze where players start a new RuneScape character and have to play entirely self-sufficiently – you can only use resources and rs equipment that you’ve got for yourself and cannot get help from others. It’s a lot of fun and really tests your skill and game knowledge, as well as giving that feeling of being a wide-eyed newcomer to RuneScape who has to fend for themselves – even for grizzled veterans :)

As much fun as this is, there are some drawbacks at the moment: there isn’t an easy way to show that you’re playing an ironman character, and there is no way to prove that you’ve honoured the rules of the challenge (or tell if others haven’t).

This is where we could help! We’re considering adding a mode for ironman into the game, to support this awesome community-created gameplay. We’re treating this as an experimental project, and can’t yet guarantee if or when it’ll come out, and may release a very basic implementation before deciding whether it gets developed further.

(The Old School RuneScape team are considering an ironman mode too, which makes a lot of sense as ironman’s popularity really grew out of the OSRS community. If you’re an Old School player keep an eye on the OSRS dev blogs and forums to join that discussion when it starts soon.)

At this early stage, we’d love your feedback and to get some discussion going over the right ruleset for ironman. Here is an outline of the rules and game mechanics we’re considering so far: 

- Ironman mode starts with a freshly created character.

- Once entered into the ironman mode, it cannot be turned off.

- When in ironman mode you:

-- Cannot trade with other players

-- Cannot use the Grand Exchange (except for buying Bonds – ironman your way to membership!)

-- Cannot pick up drops from players

-- Cannot pick up drops from monsters you have not killed

-- Cannot participate in multiplayer minigames

-- Cannot be affected by other player’s beneficial spells or abilities (e.g. Ice Asylum, Tele Group, etc)

-- Cannot be affected by group buffs (e.g. clan avatar)

-- Cannot use other player’s POH services (gilded altars, lecterns, etc)

-- Cannot acquire resources or equipment from Treasure Hunter

-- Cannot be assisted or accept aid.

-- Cannot buy items in shops which were supplied by other players

-- Cannot join a Dungeoneering team (only solo allowed)

-- Cannot use the grouping system when it launches

- Players in ironman mode would have a special chat badge, maybe a skull (like the mod crown or VIP star).

- We’ll need to find a way for ironman players to complete Shield of Arrav and Heroes Quest solo.

- As a stretch goal, we’d consider a hiscore table filter to just show ironman players

- And a final twist: an extended mode for the bravest of the brave - Hardcore Ironman!

-- Also requires a freshly created character

-- You only have one life – once you’re dead that’s game over!

-- Only your hiscore remains.

-- Hardcore ironman mode would show a different chat badge (maybe a red skull).

That’s what we’ve got so far. Please let us know if you can think of any other considerations or ways to make this even more fun!

Mods Easty, Philip and Pips.

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