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Runescape D&D Tracker

Today's update brings one of your most-requested features - the D&D Tracker - so you can stay up-to-date with your favourite activities in one handy interface.

Distractions & Diversions (or D&Ds) - just in case you're new to them - are bite-sized bits of content which take a short time to play, but give hearty rewards on completion. Some of the most popular are the Circus, Troll Invasion, Tears of Guthix and Wilderness Warbands, and Gielinor's teeming with other D&Ds to enjoy. Most are limited to a certain number of attempts within a set time period, and it can be tricky to remember when it's time to go back for more. That's where the D&D Tracker comes in.

In the Adventures interface, click the Minigames tab and select 'D&Ds' from the drop-down menu. There you'll find a list of every D&D in the game, including timers to show when you can next attempt each piece of content. Click on any entry and a description of the D&D will be displayed in the right-hand pane, including how often it can be attempted, any entry requirements and its rewards. There, you'll also find buttons to do the following:

Set the selected D&D as a favourite RS Gold, which adds it to a list found by selecting 'Favourites' in the Minigames tab's drop-down menu.
Set the D&D as your current active task, displaying a breadcrumb trail to its start point.
Home Teleport to the lodestone closest to the D&D's start point. Note that you must have unlocked the lodestone in question to do this.
The tracker's the perfect way to keep up with your favourite D&Ds so you can complete them and enjoy their rewards as soon as possible. It's also a great way to find new D&Ds that you might not have tried. For example, fight your way through the Phoenix's Lair to earn summoning materials, XP in several skills, and a chance to adopt two phoenix hatchling pets; or brave the Pit to complete madcap agility challenges for extra XP.

To celebrate the D&D Tracker's launch, Captain Haskell - the Imperial Guard Quartermaster for Challenges in Burthorpe - is offering complimentary D&D tokens every day for a week after its release. When used, these Runescape Items allow extra attempts at D&Ds that you'd otherwise have to wait for. Each day for the next week, he'll give you a token for a daily D&D of your choice and a token for a randomly chosen D&D.Be sure to log in every day and visit him to pick up your free tokens!

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