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Runescape Clan Month - The Beginning

In the run up to the legendary Clan Cup - kicking off on the 1st of September - we’ve made some awesome improvements to your game, and the Clan Month sees the introduction of some epic rewards for clans.

Clan Month

Our Clan Month will be running until 31st August and now is certainly the best time to be in a clan! From 4th August, those of you in a clan will benefit from the following bonuses:

XP from all skill plots in the citadel increased to 140%

Clan Avatar XP buff increased to 10/5%

Clan Avatar damage protection increased to 10%

Clan Avatar heal over time increased to 4% every 5 seconds

Bonus XP from quartermaster increased to 140%

Fealty XP from clan cloak increased to 140%

There will be plenty of clan-themed podcasts, live streams, and competitions throughout the month, too. Keep an eye on the news, then gather your friends and drum up some clan camaraderie!

Clan Improvements

On top of that we’ve been hard at work improving all things clan related. We've introduced a number of permanent changes - based on your feedback:

The Clan Camp has been rearranged, making it more accessible and easier to use

Burthorpe has a new clan recruitment area, complete with vexillum stands and a teleport flag

Your last-joined guest clan chat will be remembered, and you’ll automatically rejoin it when you log in

There's now a link to the clan homepage on the vexillum interface

In Other News

Our 1000th music track - Book of a Thousand Songs - is now live in-game, and will be unlocked as soon as you log in. If you've unlocked all 1000 of the game's tracks, you'll also get access to a rockin' new emote.

A number of tweaks and improvements have been made to the Demon Slayer quest. This includes new rewards: a wand and a lore book. If you've already completed rs 2007 quest, speak to Gideon Bede in Varrock Chapel.

Armadyl's Tower has been moved a short way south, closer to the White Knight Camp.

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