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RuneScape Companion App: Grand Exchange

We’re delighted to announce the RuneScape Companion web app now has full Grand Exchange support, meaning that you will be able to buy and sell items via the app while on the go! 

This feature is open to players who have the RuneScape Authenticator enabled. JAG users will, in addition, need to speak to the GE Tutor in-game to activate the feature. There is also PIN support for players who have this feature enabled.

How Does it Work?

Items will move between the GE and your bank, rather than your inventory. This is to avoid potential exploits where players can, for example, pick up a valuable piece of loot in the wilderness and then quickly sell it in the app. Any item you wish to sell via the app needs to be in your bank, and if you wish to buy an item make sure you have space in your bank.

Money will move to and from your money pouch.

Based on discussions with the community about this feature, we took the decision to not impose a cap on the number of transactions a player can make per day via the app. However, should it become apparent that the system is being exploited in ways we hadn’t anticipated, we will work with the community to agree a sensible limit.

It is also worth noting that while you can buy or sell Bonds via the app, you will not be able to redeem them or make them tradable. You will still need to go in-game to perform those actions.

The next update for the Companion will be to release it on the iOS and Android stores as a standalone app. This is something we’re working on at the moment and we’ll keep you informed on progress

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