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RuneScape Alaea Crablet Spawns

You're sure these are three alaea crablet spawns? The crablets are rs gold, and there's a Mining symbol on your minimap to show where they are, right? I am not trying to be sarcastic, I merely want to confirm these are the premium crablets and not, say, "2 premium crablets and 1 regular salty crablet spawn".

When you say they "respawn", do you mean the crablets disappear? Or do you mean they appear, but have no salt on their backs? To me, "respawn" means "the crablets show up again and have salt on their backs", which wouldn't be something to complain about!

If they are indeed three alaea crablet spawns, this is how they are supposed to work:

You arrive at your unclaimed island, and there are 3 alaea crablet spawns, each with 6 crablets each. Rarely, you may get an idol crablet spawn, which may take the place of one of your regular crablets, or may show up as an extra 7th crablet at one of your spawns.

You start to mine a crablet. If you have an idol crablet, MINE IT FIRST! If you have the mining level for it, it gives a single burst of very nice xp, and gives you a single golden idol. Right now, the only use a golden idol has is for selling to the cyclops salt merchant on Waiko for 50 chimes. I've been holding onto mine until Batch 2, just in case it ends up being important.

As you're mining your crablets, your attention might start to wander. You might accidentally log out to the lobby. If this happens, when you log back in, the crablet you were mining will be gone, even if you had only gotten a single piece of salt from it. The other crablets from that particular spawn should still be there, though, provided you hadn't tried to mine them yet. (This is why I suggest mining any idol crablets first, to get that tasty xp before you zone out and lobby without intending to and lose it!)

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