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Oldschool runescape advice on good skilling for osrs gold

I wanted to make a article to help people with skilling for osrs gold making..

For the woodcutting skill osrs gold making, there are different ways to skill. Some trees give a lot of logs, and some other trees are more AFK and give more profit. Willows are really fast, but require more banking and don't give that much money. Yews are good to take your time on, and they give good money. Magic trees are kind of slower, but they give you really good money.

If you want to make money fletching, having a good woodcutting level helps.

If you want to level up smithing, buying ores, then selling the finished armor can give you a profit. It's also good to mine your own ores, so when you finish smithing your stuff, you can get even more profit.

Just my ideas on skilling. Hope it helps.ile to see screenshot, sell cheaply.

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