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Oldschool Runescape Most AFK 2007 runescape gold Making Method

Here are some methods are the ones you can be afk the most time per action taken to make 2007 runescape gold, Please note that I'm already using the Grand Exchange slots.

Cannonball Smithing, Magic Tree Cutting and Shark Fishing are all low-attention. You'll still need to interact every few minutes though. Aside from keeping yourself in combat there's no way to keep logged in for 10-15 minutes without interaction.

Fish sharks/anglers or cut magic logs, doesnt get much more afk. But you can watch youtube while rs 07 gold making time. I cut yews in the WC guild while playing my PS4 almost on a daily basis. Not sure the GP/HR, but it's afk enough to where the profit (or lack thereof) doesn't really matter. I use infernal axe so WC/FM xp is decent for how afk it is.

I've tried two things recently, one is magic trees with 82 wc in the wc guild and the other is anglers with 99 fishing. Made 100k/hr at magic, and 250k/hr at anglers. Unless wc gets a ton faster by 99, I reckon anglers might be one of the best somewhat afk methods.

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