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No clue how to start again when you return back to Runescape 3

I believe there are lots of runescape players stopped playing ruenscape (which is now RS3) in 2008 as they didn't enjoy the game that much. when old school runescape came out, We started to play again starting a skiller but just mainly slayer on main. we ve made some friends IRL who play on RS3 and have convinced me to start playing it. however upon logging onto my main we remembered we used the party room to drop all stuff and now have no runescape gold and do not have a clue where to start. (The game looks so different and things have changed so much!

Here is the guide to help people how to start to make runescape gold in RS 3:

The legacy interface can help getting used to things quicker.
You are playing atm at EOC mode? Because this was one of the problems i had to deal with it when it started up i thought what is that? You can just turn your setting back to legacy mode.(Just go to settings-->game settings-->gameplay setting-->under general gameplay you see legacy interface mode-->click on it -->tadaa legacy mode!)

For learn exploring the world i just would say Teleport to some cities hanging around,do maby some slayer so you learn the different cities.

Actually its not so hard just gif it some time.

Slayer should be a fun way to get you back into the game. Once you get to a decent level (which doesn't take that long to get) you'll get some nice runescape gold for it, it takes you to different places and you'll learn the combat system.

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Which do you think are the monsters you most hate in Dungeoneering?Well, some players give us some name, you can just look and find if it is really as hard as you think.

Make Money in Runescape using the Grand Exchange [12/27/2016]

Before we begin, let's have a moment to discover the fundamentals from the Grand Exchange. when you open the Exchange window, you will see 6 boxes with 2 boxes in each. one box is for buying, as well as the other for selling. You can pick the quantity as well as the cost for both buying or selling. Usually when selling, the lowest cost feasible will possibly be the speediest sell.

No website ever offers to sell you rs gold and membership in a 100% agreement [12/04/2016]

No website ever offers to sell you rs gold and membership in a 100% agreement. Jagex is loyal to us, and expects us not to cheat buy selling real money over the internet by credit card to unknown site creators.

How much is runescape gold now adays? [11/30/2016]

Banned bots, ect, im a say about 28 good solid days a month for the bots to go, so thats 80 x 28. So thats 2.2B a month, how much is runescape gold now adays?

Making Money In Playing Runescape [11/28/2016]

we can offer you a wonderful way to make money ,then you can use it buy rs golds/osrs gold at ease

The makers of runescape are very good at finding who is legit or botting [11/26/2016]

I am getting in to rs gold farming, i have used Robotz in Disguise and i can get around 5-20 million per 10 names

What do people Thankful for to runescape gold store [11/25/2016]

As a runescape gold sale website, we always thankful to every customer support our sale, we never expect to be thanked.

Runescape Bots make the economy better [11/22/2016]

The fact that the game has runescape gold farmers, botting, and real world trading in itself proves that people aren't feeling satisfied with the reward they get from what they put into the game.

Trade In Grand Exchange [11/21/2016]

It is hard for you buy from someone outside grand exchange, you can only use your runescape gold to buy what you want according to system price listed.

Importance of Transferring Runescape Gold [11/19/2016]

Do NOT talk to anyone in game and log off your game immediately after trade done. What is the importance of transferring rs gold? To void of being scammed is.

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