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Ninja spotlight the runescape circus

I'm here representing the ninja team - a small team aiming to do quick improvements with a big impact! So far we've been doing various general improvements around the game, but for the next few weeks I'll be focusing my efforts on the circus.

I've pinpointed the circus because it's content that I personally enjoy, and I feel that it gets a fair amount of playtime. In future, other areas of the game will be pinpointed by the ninja team.

In this thread it would be great if you could let me know what your main annoyances are with the circus!

Ideally we're looking for things that are reasonably small (i.e. we're not rewriting the entire DnD, and we're not aiming to add any new events to it).

To get you started, here's a list of the kind of things we're thinking of. Feel free to give feedback on these, too!

Make it so you don't have to talk to the tutors to start the event - just go!
Remove the items needed for the events - e.g. for the magic event you would just click on the object and choose to cast teleport/alchemy/whatever on it.
Stop the Ranged tutor from walking over the stars.

If you've been to the circus once, don't play the Ringmaster cutscene when you enter.
Look at boosting the Agility event either by giving more XP or reducing the fail chance.
Shorter fail animation for the Agility event.
When awarding costumes, if the runescape player already has the piece that is being given, give them a lower-value piece that they don't have.

Remove the ticket object - just click on the box to enter and have an interface component to allow you to leave.

Look at the Firemaking and Thieving events as they have fewer than 10 options - meaning you can end up with pointless tries.

Give the circus barkers an option to teleport you to the nearest lodestone provided you have it unlocked.
In the Ranged event, let the player know after they take their last allowed shot at the bullseye/ducks that they should move to the other one, for those not paying attention!

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