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Momentum an runescape idea

1 problem with the EOC, and the reason I switched to Old School, is the OFFENSIVE abilities.

The defensive ones are just fine, because they accomplish the goals that Jagex had in mind for the EOC -- bringing strategy into combat. It takes planning and timing to execute them effectively, and learning to use them is necessary to survive certain boss encounters.

All other abilities are mindless. Maybe I've been doing it wrong -- please explain this to me if I am -- but against bosses and slayer creatures I generally just hit whatever abilities do the most damage and aren't on cooldown. Sometimes I save heavy-hitting abilities if I know I'll need to deal damage quickly. Mashing 123456 just to do pre-EOC levels of damage does not feel like strategy to me. In fact, it wears on me.

Momentum could fix this. I suggest two significant changes:

1) Increase auto-attack damage while Momentum is active to pre-EOC levels. If dual-wielding would result in auto-attack damage outputs being too high, then do not allow Momentum to be used with dual wielding; see my 2nd suggestion. Using offensive abilities as they are now will still be required for maximum damage output. There is already strong forum support for this change.

2) Allow the use of defensive and constitution abilities during Momentum. This will allow players who do not want to pay full attention to combat to deal effective damage, while still requiring them to master the use of abilities in order to conserve life points. Those who sacrifice their attention and hotbar slots by using offensive abilities will still trump these players in damage output.

Players' defense could also be weakened by 10-20% during Momentum to further encourage the use of defensive abilities.

In all honesty abilities and Pre EoC fighting are two sides of the same coin. Once had little required input but extra input could be used to speed things up. The other requires a lot of input to go quick but little input to go slow.

1) I am personally against momentum buffs with current system set up. You are more then capable of using momentum to kill everything short of bosses. And even then with right set up you can still kill low to mid level bosses. Now if they introduce abilities to monsters then that is another story. But momentum works as it is intend. You trade off power for AKF.

2) Allow the use of defensive and constitution abilities during Momentum.

If you are on momentum you can not rs 2007 gold use abilities. momentum does use a couple of basic abilities that activate randomly. They act just like damage spikes. How ever the introduction of def abilities to momentum wouldn't really work to well or would be pointless. So far only a hand full of monsters can even stun. So anticipation and freedom would be pointless. Resonance would be only basic def ability you could use. But it's over all effect would be miniscule in the grand scheme of things since it would be randomly activated. All the good meaty def abilities are threshold or up. Things you can not use on momentum.

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