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Last time Jagex got sold to the americans things became a lot more commercialized

With Solomon - RuneScape, microtransactions, Squeal of Fortune and buying bonds/xp. So if Jagex is gonna be sold again this time to the chinese i bet the microtransactiosn will become much much much more! I mean they want their $300m back and profit ofcours! I for one do not like that fact its the chinese, i'm sorry but i do not!!, i like that Jagex is english, it feels good and trusted and it should remain that way! I fear many greedy new things will be added like buying your levels with real money and selling accounts! You never know what these chinese will do and that uncertainty is really easting away at me! If they change too much the game will lose hugh amounts of players and will go belly up! We all know that rs players do not like change! Remeber those new skill capes, freakign riots in all worlds! EOC ?? removal of wildy!! All cost a lot of members!, also microtransactions will cost p[layers to leave we are gettign less and less cvalue for our money! And have to buy all the extra stuff separately!! Its disgusting!


Jagex isn't known for making great decision in the past, but this has to be the worst thing to (possibly) happen to RS since SoF. It's a Chinese mining company, A Friend, not a gaming company. Do you honestly believe that they give a about the games long term integrity? Do you think they care about the game at all? Of course not, all they care about is how much money they could make from it, and if this happens, there is a 100% chance that they're going to ruin this game even further with microtransactions. I don't doubt they will just throw them into OSRS too. This is ONLY a bad thing, and I can't see ANY positive from opening up to the Chinese demographic. I just hope this is one big prank.

The very second the company sells jagex I'm selling my account and ended my runescape fun. No, never in a million years. Welcome to micro transaction city boys, if the Chinese don't buy it now they will buy it under another company with a different name to ghost the intentions. 300m dollars? They're going to have to double the fee of membership and release " expansions " for them to recover the money. In no way do I see this going a good way for the game. It's fine how it is why change it at all. If jagex sells it shows you what kind of people they really are. Ones that don't care for the integrity of the game.

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