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Jagex should stay the way they are

People on this game clearly don't understand how the acquisition game works from a business standpoint (assuming that most current players are quite young still). 

The company can keep current employees and the game will remain unchanged for the most part. A company can acquire one like this for profit. Adding revenue to the game through better marketing attracting new players. Expanding the audience through new sales channels that Jagex had no access to. And much much more.


If they do change the management of this game, it will ultimately impact the future of this game. But sometimes companies acquire others for the simple reason of a transaction to make profit, and then once building it up, they sell their share of the company either back to Jagex or another competitor. (Kind of like what McDonald's did with Chipotle, buying shares for 500M and selling for over 1B in profit).

I think this will be good for the game since the audience has been the same through word of mouth or google searching. This can put the game on larger scales perhaps even entering some sort of competitive gaming scene because that's taken very seriously in China. Best of luck, Jagex!

Things which may change if they buy it from how I see it:

1. Many microtransactions (major Chinese companies in power don't keep their end of the bargain)

2. Pay2WinScape with bots being allowed

3. tons of spyware when you get the client

4. potentially servers may change locations, slower and laggier

5. unstable Chinese economy may lead to company bankruptcy in the near future

6. less listening to players (take it from a Chinese guy, customer service is NOT our strong suit)

Honestly, even though I quit the game a few years ago I'd rather not see Jagex bought out by a Chinese company, it's too unstable both from the economic point of view and from a playerbase point of view.

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