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Jagex runescape official stance on holiday drops

This is just a quick note to say that there aren't going to be any RuneScape items dropped at christmas. I really don't like having to say this, but I can't see any sensible alternative.
This is because the last few drops actually caused a lot of upset, and resulted in a *huge* number of complaints from players who didn't manage to get an item (or didn't get as many as their mates). Many players seemed to get really upset about the drop which is of course the exact opposite of the intended effect.

These drops used to be fun, when we started them - because they were a suprise, and nobody took them too seriously. They were just a little bit of extra fun for people who were around at the time. However nowadays many players seem to expect the 'suprise' drop to happen, and so it just doesn't work the same.

Please don't go complaining to customer-support or moaning on the forums about the christmas drop. It won't change anything. Of course I'm expecting we'll get lots of complaints whatever we do :-( Which just goes to prove how horribly wrong the whole holiday-drop thing has become. The more complaints we get the more it proves to me that we really need to just stop the whole holiday-drop thing before the situation gets even worse.

On a more positive note, we are instead going to focus our time & efforts on improving the game in other exciting ways, and working on getting RS2 ready for launch early next year.

After that statement you made, why on earth do you feel it's appropriate and justified to reintroduce it again but making it even rarer.

The frustration and anger this is causing is disappointing, such a large part of the community will go without this item and you are okay with that? i dont know about everyone else but ill now be stressing and spending my runescape Xmas working my ass off in hopes ill be one of the lucky few to obtain one.

THIS ISN'T HOW CHRISTMAS SHOULD GO! So well done making a happy holiday event into a bleak event filled with disappointment and angry for a big chuck of runescape players.

It's so unprofessional and uncreative it's making my eyes bleed just reading you're statement and then reading about the ULTRA rare.

I think the irony is if anything with runescape items costing Billions in runescape these days players are even more greedy, making this even more challenging that runescapes typical players who do work real hard in those 15 days and not obtaining them making is near impossible to even get it.

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