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Jagex gives an unfair advantage to people with lots of money

If you participated in a LoL tournament where the prize was $10k, would you be mad if someone won because they gave the judges money on Runescape? It's the same thing. Deadman mode isn't Old School and so you shouldn't have an advantage because you are better in Old School.

Deadman Tournament

Ignoring the fact that League does have different gamemodes, but remember that realistically, it gives an equal advantage to people who play a lot as well, so the argument that it gives people with less time to play a chance is very weak to be honest. It's not based upon how much they can play Deadman, but how much money they have in Old School, so it's kind of a mute point.

I just used League as an example because I know it's very competetive and fair. Deadman, as it stands, is not. Even the winner of the Deadman Tournament said he swapped and used an alt to make and keep potions in.

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