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I'm talking about Player vs Monster

I'm not talking about how powerful Magic is or how much xp per hour you can achieve. I'll just go into the cost argument, since that's what this post is about. You can use your Magic skill to make some profit, to offset the cost of Magic combat, fair enough. It's a good way to think about this.

runescape Player vs Monster

Even still, I don't think the current situation is gauged very well, the numbers just aren't right. You can make some profit with Magic, yes. But think about how much it actually costs to continually cast Blast or Wave Spells: You're looking at around 400k per hour, just to deal decent damage. I agree that Magic should cost something, more than Melee or Ranged even, but this amount just isn't appropriate for what other things Magic can do.

The reason why a Wave Spell costs exactly 1 Blood Rune, therefore 250gp, is that the amount of 1 just is simple to deal with. But this number doesn't make sense from a game balance standpoint, it should be something like 0.7 Blood Runes to be fair, and that's what I'm trying to achieve.

And then there's still the argument that the Magic skill would be overpowered, I'm not talking about the Magic skill, but about the Magic combat style. I believe the combat triangle should be an actual thing, where some things are better handled with Ranged, some better with Magic. But right now, anyone who fights with Magic does it to gain Magic xp, almost nobody chooses to use Magic for the sake of fighting something, it's impractical, and this is just a negligence of the game's content.

I don't want Magic to be the only thing you need for combat, I don't know where you got that idea from, but rather a thing you may choose for combat.

I'm not talking about gaining xp or getting to 99 Magic faster, not at all. I'm talking about PvM here. If you want to go and kill something, you shouldn't be forced to do something completely different for two hours first, just so you can barely afford it. You don't have to do that with Melee, you don't have to do that with Ranged. You're saying Melee and Ranged don't make money? Of course they do, that's one of the main purposes of Player vs Monster.

Look, I don't want Magic to be easier or faster to level up, or make it more powerful, or make it the best skill in the game or the strongest combat style. All I'm asking for is the ability to deal magic damage to something without having to spend disproportional amounts of rs gold, make it practical.

I deliberately kept my suggestion very modest and contained within a small area of the game, in order to NOT disturb any game balance. There are no concrete arguments against making 100 magic attacks cost 10k instead of 30k.

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