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How we get runescape gold for sale in 2016

Many runescape players wondering why the runescape gold store have large amount of rs 07 gold for sale? Today, we will tell you where the osrs 07 gold from and how do we process the rs 07 gold for sale.

When runescape players want to buy rs 07 gold for in game needs, they search google for best runescape gold store, then select some top gold selling sties like gamerluck, to place order. and normally, a site makes over 100+ deliveries at average a day, and many osrs 07 gold buyers ask, how do you make so much 2007 runescape gold for sale? the answer is: the site don't make gold themselves, the site plays role of middle man, we also buy gold from suppliers.

What are rs 07 gold suppliers?
Suppliers can be anyone who want to sell rs 07 gold, and teams that farm 07 rs gold by bots, and those great stakers can make large amount of runescape 07 gold through duel arena. we have cooperation with such people, with very stable paying prices, they would like to sell rs 07 gold to us, after all, we are legit and trustworthy.

Runescape 07 gold profit rate is very low now!
With fierce competition, the profit rate to sell rs 07 gold is very low now. its only around 10% which means, when someone buy $10 worthy of osrs 07 gold, you can earn $1, plus paypal would take fees, the last profit is around $0.65 USD, and what if buyer got coupon code, the profit would be way too less.

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