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How to buy runescape gold from the site

To anyone who never bought runescape gold before, this is the article tells you how to buy runescape gold, rs 07 gold, and osrs 07 gold from legit site.

What do we do before we buy rs 07 gold?
First of all, we need to find a best and legit site that offers fast rs 07 gold delivery service, and at the moment, is the very top1 rs 07 gold sale site.

What do we do after order placed?
We trade runescape gold in game face to face, so you need to contact through 24/7 Live customer chat service to know where to go in game for the rs 07 gold trade.

What do we do after gold received?
You will need to put gold to bank, and turn private chat OFF, never trust anyone in game who asks to return gold, because that is scam, we never ask gold back after trade done, and we never offer extra bonus if you do return gold. that is trick set by other scammers in runescape. Those gold traders are the normal gold sellers, they not work for us, we just have business relationship.

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