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Grandmaster RuneScape quest

One of a Kind is the first major update of our lore-packed March: a Gielinor-spanning, Grandmaster epic that takes RuneScape questing back to its roots.

Agree to help Mr Mordaut find Hannibus - last of the fabled Dragon Riders - and follow a trail of clues that'll test your wits and resolve, while uncovering the secret history of some of RuneScape's mightiest and most ancient races.

You'll travel the world, uncover the lost library of Robert the Strong, and the fate of a dying people will rest in your hands.

This is a quest for quest-lovers, with some of the highest requirements yet. There's a dragon's hoard of fantastic rewards, too:

XP in Dungeoneering, Summoning and Magic, plus a lump of bonus XP if you've completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat.

A Dragon Rider amulet with +4% critical chance in all combat styles and a whopping prayer bonus of 10. It also boosts the damage of your Dragon Breath ability, and increases your Prayer XP gain from burying dragon bones.

Access to celestial dragons - new, high-level monsters voted for in a recent poll, who drop summoning materials and new Dragon Rider armour.

If you're a diehard quester hungry for delicious lore, don't delay - log in nowand play One of a Kind!

Mod Raven and the RuneScape Team

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