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Coundown to runescape GWD

Kree’arra, Graardor, Zilyana and K’ril are all ready and waiting for you, sharpening their weapons and polishing their armour.

The final group test session is happened earlier today and went really well, so with only a few minor tweaks to do we will be ready to hit the update button on Thursday. Have a look at this video of the testing.

Of course, you have known God Wars has been coming for some time and many of you have been preparing for this update. On Reddit a new subreddit has been made ready to help players find teams to go to GWD with. As well as that there have been Reddit posts with competitions to predict the prices of new God Wars items.

Your fansites are also not wanting be left out. Zybez has a whole weekend of events planned to take on the GWD dungeon. They will be taking on Kree’arra, K’ril and Graardor so if you have the stats, join Really Noob in his friends chat next weekend.

Many clans have also been preparing for GWD by either raising their requirements or planning to run events for next weekend, such as Sniped, Slay Clan or Zer0 PvM Elite. There are plenty of other clans out there so please do look through the clan forums to find groups to help play.

As always, we will be about next week to talk to you about the Runescape Gold Wars dungeon and take your feedback. So on Monday at 5pm BST we will be livestreaming a multiplayer play through of GWD and we would love it if you could join us. On Thursday at 5pm BST we will have our regular Q&A with you where we will be listening to your first impressions of God Wars.

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