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Bonds runescape items of friends

In my opinion, just thought i should say, bonds are really good for friendship and the community.

They will allow free to play members to pay membership and go onto members worlds, doing more quests, becoming better players, and all in all, make new friends.

With bonds, members are more likely to become friends with non members as, before, a member would never have a reason to go to a non member world (unless they have a friend there), now, people will make more friends and the community will grow better and nicer.

I take issue with this line. Do you mean to tell me that if you don't become a member you won't be as good a player? I've been a member before and it was partially the members I met there that drove me back to F2P.

Many were decent enough folk but almost as many were obnoxious, bigoted and all around unpleasant. The problem may or may not lie solely on the players' shoulders though, given certain environmental situations the worst is sometimes brought out in some. Members game brings just that to the table, unbalanced XP gains, much greater means by which to gain wealth combined with much higher valued in game runescape items can lead many to become an elitist.

Whether F2P or P2P we ALL have the ability to become great players, it is more the personality than it is the players' wealth that make them a great player or someone you drop membership to try to avoid.

I doubt people will make more friends just because they used bonds to become members. Member worlds offer a lot, that's why you won't find many people doing the same thing as you. And there aren't many people playing Runescape to begin with anymore. Also, Bonds are more like icons of Rwt. Jagex took a big step into the runescape gold farming business by selling gold in game.

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