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Answers to your most-asked questions about the Runescape Elf City

Please note that the Elf City is very early in development (we're still waiting for a certain poll to finish), so the information below is subject to change. We will be involving you throughout the project's development, asking Power to the Players polls about various aspects, and reading your feedback on the poll thread.

Will the Elf City include a Grand Exchange?
We are discussing/researching the possibility of including a Grand Exchange in the Elf City. We definitely want to include one! If included, the GE would share the same mechanics and plug into the existing GE.

Will the Elf City be available to everyone?
The current storyline makes it clear that, at the time of Within the Light, the Elf City is in seed form. It would be hard for a player to clamber into a tiny seed! With this in mind, the Elf City will likely only be accessible to those who have completed Within the Light. We will try to make sure that there is adequate storyline reasoning for how the city has returned from its seed form. It is possible that a very small element of the Elf City - Iorwerth Camp improvements, for example - will be available to those who have completed Underground Pass.

What will get on launch?
On launch, you will likely receive four diverse and densely packed segments of the city, alongside the Tower of Voices and city walls. These will feature new training methods, guild-like areas and combat experiences.

Does the Elf City come with a quest?
In the weeks that follow the launch of the Elf City, we will be bringing you a grandmaster quest that will culminate the elf story.

When do we get the rest of the city?
The remaining four segments of the city are likely to come shortly after the runescape quest. It is likely that these four segments will bring the more peaceful elves back to Prifddinas, and will require the completion of the new grandmaster quest to access them. The grandmaster quest will detail why these elves have returned.

Do we get any say in the Elf City?
We will poll several elements of this content over the next few months. We really want you to get involved! The polls will likely focus on the various city segments, rewards for the area, and the skills tied into crystal singing.

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