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Allow Crystal Armor (hybrid) To Be Repaired At Any %

Unless someone knows how to work around this, currently the crystal armor set can only be repaired (i'm assuming) after it has fully degraded with tardidian crystal shards. Im asking that you allow us to repair the armor at any percent with the shards; I have the normal set which can be traded but no longer have a need for it since i've recently unlocked the attuned version. Could this be changed pls? Because I have the body at 97% but it tells me "This item doesn't need recharging yet? Im gonna try degrading it further if you think that might be the issue than.

I doubled checked an it was just my dyslexia flipping numbers around on me again. I just did some slayer tasks and it degraded enough for me repair and put on g/e.

i don't know much about dyscalculia, but with dyslexia it's more a visual reading problem when it some (<--- right there is a good example I meant to type "comes" but I left off the "c" and just put the "s" which should have been at the end) to certain symbols I guess (my family has really bad vision genetics). So for example here I read the degrade value as 97.9% instead of as 99.7% which made me a little confused. It generally only happens with numbers like 3,6,9, or 0 but sometimes it can happen if those numbers sandwhich a completely different number, like in today's example.

Crystal Armor

My dyslexia isn't as bad as it was when I was a little kid, cause I got held back a year in 2nd grade, but I've had a bunch of practice since then so it only pops up occasionally.

Well the problem with the number "3" usually happens when dealing with multiplication or division, because we start to run into a lot of 3,6,7, and 9's. For example, like 3*12 =36 but often times I might right (<---this can also happen, correct sound wrong word, just noticed that while I was typing) *write 63 even though I know the answer shouldn't be that high.

Division is honestly harder; using 63/3 I might just give you the number 12 because 12x3=36 (flipped is 63) when in actuality I should have given you 21 since 21x3= 63 (flipped 36) while also flipping (12) and (21) respectively. Idk why that happens, but for some reason it just gets crisscrossed in my head.

"0" isn't too bad, but after say "100,000" I have to be really careful not to leave a zero off or accidentally add an extra zero. Thankfully runescape's g/e accepts 100k or 100m as acceptable amounts of runescape gold, but before that I had to be careful of not over paying for items lol.

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