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After a brief discussion about the runescape mages odd clothing

Papyrus was discovered by a Tai-bwo Wannai village elder, named Pappa Rüs. Quite by accident after a travelling Mage in split bark armour, happened by his village.

The two shared a meal of spider skewers, and after a brief discussion about the mages odd clothing. Pappa Rüs, decided to make some for himself.

After felling a couple of Mahogany & Teak trees, he set to work. Carefully cutting the wood into thin sheets, which he then wove together. 

Unfortunately he was so involved and dedicated in his work, that he forgot to perform the ritual to stave off the rains. Getting caught up in the monsoon season he had to abandon his creation.

When the rains passed, he ventured out in search of his woven armour. Only to discover it had been ruined by mud and rainwater.

He tried to save it by washing the mud out, beating it clean & hanging it out to dry. After an hour had passed, he went to check to see if it had worked. Alas the sun had baked the mangled cloth, creating a rigid sheet.

Papa Rüs ultimately disgruntled, hurled his failed attempt to the ground. Where it landed on Bob the cat. After an exchange of words & mewings, which Papa Rüs didn't really understand.

Bob left with the weird thing grasped firmly in his mouth, after some wandering and meandering he found himself outside the legends guild.

A random adventurer equipped with a cat speak amulet, fed Bob a sardine wrapped in a doogle leaf. And acquired what Bob had been carrying, which Bob politely informed him was called Papy Rüs.

The adventurer bemused by his encounter with a talking cat, sought to write it all down in his journal. However he had lost it somewhere, stumbling for something to write his account down on, he resorted to the very thing he had obtained from Bob.

Thus discovering that the matted woven strips of wood, were quite useful as a writing implement.

Over time the words Papy Rüs got mangled by evolving speech patterns and regional dialects, becoming papyrus.

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