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20% not runescape enough

I don't think it goes far enough. Jagex should create "High Risk/Reward" areas where getting all items (not just degradables) from tombstones has a 10% GE penalty in addition to a 10% degrade/cost to non-tradeable items.

They can even make this work in the wilderness except it's 20% GE penalty where you can keep your equipment and the killer gets the penalty fee and equivalent recharge cost into his money pouch.

In both these cases, you make the deal for your items with Death at your resurrection point. If you pay the fee, you get your items back (and your killer gets cash in his money pouch). If not, your items go on the GE but you don't get the sale price (and your killer still gets his cash). No need to go back to your gravestone.

Runescape Players legitimately risk items at bosses, don't have to rush back into dangerous areas to get their gear, have incentive to use high level runescape items in the wilderness, killers get rewarded.

Childish reply but I'll give you a break. Runescape does have an actual albeit virtual economy tied to its specific gameplay mechanics. You might not like it nor call it that but it exists. Items such as gp can be exchanged for other items. Effort can be put forth in a predictable fashion to elicit a return on that effort*

Runescape already has goldsinks in the form of entrance fees, items lost on death (very rare now), skills such as construction and summoning, and repair costs to name the major ones. This would be just another version of those modest gold sinks.

Alright go have fun being a runescape economist while us pvm'ers who had no problem with the old system at all are penalized. Oh I forgot, you don't even kill bosses in less than teams of 8. BRB attempting to learn something new is going to cost me 10mil for no apparent reason other than GOLDSINK!!!! People need to get over it, sof and everything else already puts in a huge amount of gold, and so does alching. The best gold sink is just to remove the high alch spell, there problem solved. But nooooo, 500k repair cost everytime I die in a nex set, and 10 trillion gold introduced alching in the same time.

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