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Latest Runescape 2007 News

  • [News] How many runescape players in total now in the year 2016 [08/28/2016]
    As runescape official data shows there are over 200 Million of runescape accounts got created in since runescape was made by jagex. but now do you know the total created accounts and online users everyday?
  • [News] How to buy runescape gold from the site [08/23/2016]
    To anyone who never bought runescape gold before, this is the article tells you how to buy runescape gold, rs 07 gold, and osrs 07 gold from legit site.
  • [Guides] How to log on two runescpae accounts in same world at one computer [08/21/2016]
    Many people want to trade items from one runescape account to another, but jagex set rules that players are not allowed to log in same world at a computer for multiple accounts log on. Today i m telling everyone how to log on two runescape accounts in same world on 1 computer.
  • [News] Selling Runescape accounts for runescape gold [08/20/2016]
    We know many site buy runescape accounts, and pay by money via paypal, but we never heard any site pay rs 07 gold for buying runescape accounts, why is that? here the article explains everything.
  • [News] Runescape Gamble causes Young man sent to jail [08/19/2016]
    This is not first time that runescape lead young people to criminal, those young people stole money to buy runescape gold online for game gamble, and the gamble is the source of evil.
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